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Process and calibration gases for analytical applications

Analytical Applications

The field of analytical application is extremely diverse. Whether they are used to monitor the quality of foodstuffs, test engines in the automotive industry, control processes in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries, or in medicine, metallurgy or environmental monitoring: analytical methods ensure process control, quality assurance and even compliance with statutory regulations everywhere.

The methods employed are just as diverse as their fields of application. Gas chromatography or monitoring is used nowadays in environmental or process control; food products and drinking water are controlled by ICP; and metal alloys are analyzed using spark erosion spectrometry. Many of these methods require high purity gases or gas mixtures as well as high precision reference gases for calibration purposes.

The detection limits, attainable analytical accuracy and the reliability of the results often depend on the quality of the gases used. Messer offers a wide range of high-purity gases, standard mixtures and customized gas mixtures that fulfil all the required performance criteria.

Process Gases and Operation Gases 

Gas chromatography is widely used to analyze mixtures of gaseous or volatile liquid substances. A large number of carrier, operating and detector gases are applied. Depending on the type and sensitivity of the installed detector, the impurities of the utilized gases play a significant role. In order to achieve an optimal basis for reliable analysis, Messer offers various types of gases and mixtures, respectively, with the appropriate purity for each detector system. 

In atomic spectroscopy a variety of different gases and gas mixtures are utilized to operate the particular measurement technology. Depending on the analytical method, operating gases such as fuel, carrier, plasma, shielding and filling gases in various grades of purity are provided by Messer.

Calibration Gases

Apart from operation of analytical measurements the instruments also need to be calibrated to determine the exact concentration of the desired components. Messer offers calibration gases which are manufactured to the specification of our customers. We can provide a certificate of accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 and EN ISO 17034 for various individual gas mixtures.

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